Red itchy spots after intimate shaving? We got you

Intimate shaving can be challenging and we know by experience that it’s hard to avoid irritating skin in the intimate area because it’s extra sensitive and thin. If you prefer to be hairless in your intimate area, we have compiled a guide for you with some good tips to achieve a soft and close shaving as possible for the best result, without any red itchy spots ;) 

Remember to take your time when shaving your intimate areas, and make sure the lamp works to be able to see properly, so you don’t miss any spots! 

  • Step 1, Prepare your skin and hair with warm water, if you are going to wash your hair, do that first and shave in the end so the hair has some time to soften up. This is a good idea because you then let the hair soften up during the shower, and this 

  • Step 2, if the pubic hair is long, it is a good idea to cut with a scissor before you start with the razor, then you don’t need to pull the razor over the same skin several times. 

  • Step 3, apply shaving gel, shaving oil, or shaving cream to create a protective barrier between skin and razor. 

  • Step 4, use a new and clean razor, if you shave with an old and dull one there is a risk of bacteria and skin irritation. (Pro-tip, use a subscription on razor heads, link to it) Choose a razor with a moisture strip that facilitates shaving and makes it smooth and easy (Try out our razor here, link) 

  • Step 5, while shaving, tighten your skin, then it becomes easier to shave and you reduce the risk of cutting yourself. 

  • Step 6, rinse the skin after intimate shaving to get rid of leftover product, then lubricate with a caring aftershave as the skin can be sensitive and in need of hydration.