Five tips for you who want to achieve a soft and long-lasting result when shaving

We at Meum want to share some shaving hacks with you 🥰 Here is a small handbook for you who want a simple shaving routine, but with the goal of achieving the smoothes and long lasting result as possible. And PS, all tips are approved by us! 🪒💗

Step one, Scrub your skin, regular exfoliating helps against avoiding ingrown hairs. By exfoliating, you remove dry skin around the hair follicle which helps it to open up to be able to release hairs that are stuck  

Step two, Choose a clean razor that has several blades, we love our razor from Meum because it has sharp blades and also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which helps against a simple and soft shave ​​🍊

Step three, include shaving oil in the routine 🫒, oil contains emollients that allow the razor to glide over the skin smooth, choose one without alcohol to avoid irritation 💞

Step four, choose the right direction. There are a few different recommendations here, but we think it is best to shave in the direction that feels most comfortable, especially when you shave at the bikini line because it is a sensitive area. Shaving with hair usually gives the least irritation, but the hair is not broken off as close to the skin as when shaving against hair. Feel for yourself what feels best for you! A little extra tip here is that after you shave, rinse with cold water, this closes the pores 🌊  And do not forget to moisturize 🍨

Step five is to avoid red dots in the bikini line👙 Soften your hair by preparing your skin with warm water before shaving. It can also be good to pull the skin back and tighten, this reduces the chance of hurting the skin and it also ensures that the blades get closer to the skin and gives a closer shave, do not press the razor against the skin but use gentle movements.

Hope you get used to the tips, we in the Meum team usually include them in our self-care Sunday 💌